4#, Xinling Road, Shiji Town,

Panyu District, Guangzhou

Company News
It is located in Panyu district of Guangzhou
Date: 2017/05/08

Our company produces primarily on hydrophilic SB fabric, which is developed by taking polypropylene granules as material and based on advanced equipment. It is processed after high-temperature melting and spun molding, and bonding.
Non-woven fabric is new generation environmental friendly material. It has features of water proofing, air permeable, flexible, non-poisonous, nonirritant and colorful. It is widely applied in medical articles, personal hygiene items, industrial products, daily articles, agricultural articles, packaging bags, bedding articles, handiwork, decoration article, household appliance, environmental protection articles fields widely.
We can provide non-woven fabrics from 10g to 300g on customer’s demand, with width from 0.02m to 19.2m.

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